Anti-air are turrets that shoot down air based machines and bosses. If psitioned at the bottom most build side on a hill-side, one might be able to inflict damage onto infantry, bosses and ground based vehicles.


  • Level I - A single rapid-fire gun with large ammo-count, but low damage and medium reload. Has zoom-in.
  • Level II - A tank-like vehicle with 4 rocket in the back. Can lock on in exchange for no zoom-in. can lock on to 1 vehicle at a time.
  • Level III - A semi-trailer flatbed with a box canister with 4 rockets inside. Can now lock on to multiple vehicles at a time.

Soviet UnionEdit

  • Level I - Dual gun turret with twice the fire power, but same amount of damage. Has zoom-in and slightly faster firing-rate than its american counterpart.
  • Level II - A turret with 4 metal racks with 4 rockets that reload from underground tubes. Can lock on to 1 vehicle at a time.
  • Level III - A flatbed with 4 large rocket tubes. Can lock on to multiple vehicles at a time.

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